Pedro Bessa Brazilian jiujitsu Rhondda's home is the full time Combat training centre (CTC) Treorchy, with classes also in Penygraig boys club and Llanharan community centre.  We offers full time training to adults, teens and children in Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ), Judo and Mixed martial arts.  We the highest qualified and graded coaching staff in the area and are an authorised academy under the UKBJJA


Our network of coaches and instructors under the Pedro Bessa Brazilian jiujitsu association in the UK and Ireland and NineNine / Brasa Jiujitsu around the world offer support and guidance to all our members.  

Brazilian Jiujitsu or BJJ is the most effective fighting style of modern times, the Brazilian grappling based martial art is evolved from the Japanese form of Jujitsu and the skills and techniques are tested in competition and live sparring referred to as "Rolling".  The Gentle art or Arte Suave as it is known in Portuguese is a fundamental skill of Mixed martial art competition and is practiced by male and female adults, teens and children world wide.  


Pedro Bessa black belts





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